A Craving for Curry.

It’s cold and rainy and what could you want more than to cozy up on the couch with a delicious bowl of fragrant and spicy prawn curry.  Full of flavour and packed with flavourful spices like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric, this curry is not only aromatic but also wonderfully healthy.  Adding curry leaves brings a signature South Indian flavour to the dish. The tanginess of tamarind and fresh lime mixes well with the creamy coconut sauce.  Finally, the addition of fresh prawns lends a light touch to this curry and even makes it a good summer dish. 

Additional garnishes like fresh coriander, cucumber slices, pappadums and steamed basmati rice make this a complete meal. Try out my recipe for this fragrant prawn curry tonight!

The pictures and recipe posted here are from Artisan Magazine, a collaboration between myself and two friends/colleagues. We want to share and tell stories that inspire us and bring out the artisanal side of life.  Whether an interesting do-it-yourself project, a food story and recipes, an interview with talented artisans or a peek inside beautiful studios and locations – the emphasis is on highlighting the simplicity and beauty of ‘local’, small-scale artisans creating meaning through their work.

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Photo Credits: Artisan Magazine Issue 1 (Art Direction: Leigh Ann Thomas, Photography: Natalie Hunfalvay Styling/Recipe: Bhavani Konings)


  1. Another delicious recipe... I must make this for my partner, I know he would love it, as would I!

  2. Very delicious dish I found it so sweet.
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  3. This dish is simply delicious I have already tried to make it! Im a fan of any coconut curry hehe..or any Indian food for that matter

  4. Curry with prawns,,, I believe it taste great. After my travel in Nowra I want to try cooking it at home.

  5. I love it... I really love curry especially when it is rainy season.