A perfect coupling

So I’m back with another recipe! Sorry for the delay (I will try my best to post 1 recipe a week) but here is one my favourites. For those of you who love fish but hate the hassle of finding a good recipe/method that can impart enough flavour this recipe will help. Fish is one of those foods that can be tricky to cook the right way – most people overcook their fish and it becomes grey and rough, and trust me you cannot cover this up with any sauce no matter how tasty.  It’s always best to use delicate methods of cooking for fish, unless the texture is firm and meaty, in which case you can grill or fry without worry.  For this dish I used salmon fillets (here in Sydney I’m lucky to get to speak to the people at the fish market – they know a lot (a lot) about fish, how it’s caught and sold). I get wild atlantic salmon as it’s not farm raised. It tastes better and is generally a better environmental choice.

In addition to the salmon, I’ve used soba noodles. For those who don’t know soba is a Japanese buckwheat noodle (make sure to check the ingredients for those who don’t eat wheat as some cheaper soba add it in as a filler). It's healthy and has a great wholegrain taste. Unlike many noodles (egg based or other) that are heavy and simply carriers of sauce, soba has it's own distinct flavour and texture.  It’s colour is almost like a cloudy and gloomy day. When cooked it becomes the perfect friend to asian type flavours – salt, sweet, spicy and tangy. It's also just perfectly coupled with salmon. Try this recipe (with a glass of chardonnay like I have) and you'll see.

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